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OR-AE16 64''

  • OR-AE16 64'' Eco Solvent Printer With Single DX5 Head
    The OR-AE16 is a high quality eco solvent printer, is the ideal digital solution for detailed indoor signage, as well as for high volume signage applications. Equipped with DX5 print heads and 7 variable droplet systems, the OR-AE16 can produce flawless images across a wide variety of media such as vinyl, banner fabric, synthetics, film, canvas and much more.
    The three-independent heating system can assure the proper temperature of media to create an outstanding performance, along with its advanced electrical system guarantees a consistent and efficient operation of the printer.
    The OR-AE16 incorporates the latest technology to meet the rising needs of the signage industry. It creates vibrant high-quality images. The OR-AE16 printer can suit all your customer needs and deliver the fastest return on investment.
    Product Code: OR-AE16
    Model: Single DX5 Head / Eco Solvent Ink / C M Y K / Maximum 1400dpi